* Please take time to read and understand the EXPLORE WANAKA LTD terms and conditions.

At EXPLORE WANKA LTD we are family owned and operated business. We will take the upmost steps to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable tour.

* These Terms and conditions apply to all users of the explorewanaka.com site, by using or viewing our website and booking with us you understand and agree to these Terms an Conditions.

* EXPLORE WANAKA LTD is not liable for the loss of any equipment or loss of any enjoyment due to circumstances beyond EXPLORE WANAKA LTD's control.

* Risk factor - On our tours people must be aware of the element of risk involved with the nature of the activities you partake in , as the Client you are acknowledging that there is a degree of personal risk

*ACC (accident compensation commission) - Whilst in New Zealand if you are involved in an accident or you are injured ACC may be able to help with the cost of treatment. However it is important that you are aware you can not sue for personal injury- ACC replaces that right. Furthermore, ACC only covers treatment & rehabilitation cost whilst in New Zealand. In no way is it a replacement for travel insurance and they wont cover for emergency travel to get you back home or disturbed travel, illness or injuries while in transit to or from New Zealand in the craft you arrive in. 

* Itineraries - Itineraries can be subject to alteration due to the nature of road and weather conditions. EXPLORE WANAKA LTD can not guarantee an exact arrival & itinerary yet we will do our best to stick to the planned itinerary.

* Fitness & medical conditions - Some of the activities at EXPLORE WANAKA LTD are demanding and strenuous. Guests should have reasonable health and fitness and carry any medication required, Explore Wanaka must be advised of any medical conditions when booking.

* Damage to property - If our guests cause damage to the property of EXPLORE WANAKA LTD, or our service providers i.e. ski fields or golf courses even though on our tour, we will not take any responsibility for their actions. Guests who cause damage will take full responsibility. (be liable for ...)

* Payment - All our tours are in NZD and are inclusive of GST.  When you book your tour we take 20 % deposit which is non refundable, the remainder of balance is due 60 days before tour start date. If you book closer to start date full tour cost is to be paid when booking.

* Cancellations - If you cancel your booking after you have paid in full, the following refund charges will be made.

+ 30 days or more prior to the start date you will be refunded 80 % of tour price

+ 30 - 14 days to tour start date you will be refunded 70% of full tour price

+14 days or closer to start date you will receive 50% of full tour price

+Failure to show up on tour start date %100 of full tour price 

* Travel insurance - We strongly advise all our guest to take personal travel insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents EXPLORE WANAKA LTD are not liable for any lack of insurance on our quests behalf.

* Guest feed back - If any problem occurs during one of our tours please advise tour management at EXPLORE WANAKA LTD immediately so the correct action can be taken to resolve the issue. If issue is not resolved any complaint needs to be in writing within 10 days of the incident.

* Photos & marketing - You consent to us using images & media content of your tour and self captured during your tour for promotional purposes.

* Privacy - Any personal information we collect about you my be disclosed to service providers and other suppliers to enable us to operate the tour. Other wise we wont use your private information.

* No Explore Wanaka customer will be permitted to continue on our tours while their mental or physical condition is impaired, Explore Wanaka reserves the right to remove anyone that is not capable of caring for themselves, or if they become offensive/hazardous to other patrons or themselves.

* Explore Wanaka has the right to amend these terms an conditions at their discretion .

* Explore Wanaka will not be responsible for expenses resulting in such that a customer is expelled from completing the tour.   

* Explore Wanaka is completely smoke-free, drug and alcohol free,we encourage our tour customers to abide by and respect local policies.