Coming to Wanaka to shoot a catalogue, on a team trip, a promotional shoot or any kind of commercial film trip? Here at Explore Wanaka we cater to all your needs and we  handle all of your arrangements to ensure you have a productive and memorable trip. 

We can organise everything from airport transfers and rental cars to your on snow shooting location customised  to your requirement, you can step straight off the plane and everything will be organised and ready to go.

Want to know what mountain to ride where the snow is the best, where then next storm will hit an when, where the best light will be for shooting at a specific time and where to build those photogenic jumps, We can show you all of this and with over 20 years of experience in the industry and these mountains you will be guaranteed a productive trip.  

Have a specific brief that needs to be completed during your stay, we can ensure that you get everything you are after.

At Explore Wanaka we work with the worlds best and ensure they get exactly what they want.

Let us organise it all from our end, nothing is out of the question and we're only more than happy to help.

“Terrain like this is only a ten minute heli ride from Wanaka!”
Lake Wanaka and the surrounding area have some of the best backdrops and terrain for shooting snow related media - It’s untouched N.Z at its best!
The service that we provide will ensure athletes, team and management can make the most of their time while having a productive, yet EPIC trip!


After numerous trips and time spent in Japan assisting some of the best athletes in the world capturing their media content, we can confidently say that we offer a unique, personable and enjoyable environment for people to work in. The relationship's we’ve formed have been nothing short of outstanding quality.

We have a professional approach towards working with athletes and brands and we’ll take the stress out of everyday organising and planning. 

We will align you with the right people to get you into the best areas for shooting and capturing your content in private and safe surroundings.


Head host and Japan travel veteran Will Jackways comes up for air during another standard day on Hokkaido.

Head host and Japan travel veteran Will Jackways comes up for air during another standard day on Hokkaido.


Here’s a video of what a few weeks in Japan can look like. Get inspired!